“I Don’t Want to Work Anymore” – Can You Really Survive Without Work in 2021? What Does It Really Mean?

I don't want to work anymore

I don’t want to work anymore.

I have said to myself many many times.

I’m always exhausted working hard doing more than 8 hours of work a day and for what? A few measly dollars.

I’m so tired.

I am always working and I never get a break.

I even work on weekends and sometimes on my day off.

I never seem to get a break and there seems to be no vacation long enough. 

I don’t want to work anymore.

I am done.

The work is so exhausting.

I want a break, maybe a vacation.

Maybe a permanent one.

A vacation where all my needs are met, and I get to relax and just enjoy myself. 

Why do I have to work anyway?

Who made the bright idea that I needed to work to make money?

What kind of system is there where there are people who never have to work a day in their lives where people like me have to work day in, and day out?

All so I can make a living and eat.

Why are the rich getting richer while the poor don’t get anywhere? 

I’m tired of the stress.

The incessant demands, the deadlines I have to always meet, the emails that are filling up my inbox that need to be answered to, the calls that just keep coming in.

It’s full of stress and I’m not taking it anymore.

I don’t want to work.

I want to get up from my desk and leave and never come back. 

This work is sucking the life out of me.

I was happy back then, more joyful and full of life.

Now, I’m just like a drone – lifeless, joyless, emotionless.

All I do is work, work, work with no end in sight. When will it end?

I don’t want to work anymore.

I remember my youth.

I was young once.

I used to play all day, explore the neighborhood, made friends.

I didn’t have a care in the world.

My parents took care of all of that. Not anymore.

I do everything just to make sure I have money to pay the bills and I have food in my mouth.

I am tired. I am done. I don’t want to work anymore.

Do You Feel The Same?

Were you able to relate?

I am sure many do.

It was great to actually write all that down.

I do feel better.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just a passing frustration.

If you can relate to what I just wrote, then read on, and let’s talk about work and why everyone may come to a point they don’t want to work anymore. 

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if there’s more to life out there.

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re going to have to work all day.

Maybe you are even wondering if it’s time for a change.

I have always asked this question because I don’t know if work has ever really had a purpose except to pay the bills.

Surely, Not All Work is Bad?

I don't want to work anymore

Work can’t be all bad, can it?

If you find the right work that makes you happy, you won’t see it as work anymore right?

The truth is, work is work.

You will either like working or you will hate it.

Even the work that you enjoy the most can get tiring and exhausting and before you know it, you will end up back where we all started – the feeling of not wanting to work anymore.

One thing you have to admit to yourself is that regardless of the work you get if you hate working, no kind of work will ever be fulfilling.

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But what about those who enjoy being doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc?

Well, those jobs are important, definitely, but they are just the same as any other work.

The economic framework attached to those jobs is bogus.

Society and culture have assigned a monetary value to all kinds of work but if you really think about it, it’s totally made up.

Who actually determines the value and worth of any kind of work?

Who says that a certain piece of work is worth a certain amount while another piece of work is worth more (or worth less)?

Don’t you think that someone’s life’s work is worth more than a paycheck?

I don't want to work anymore

And yet, our society does that.

They assign a value and pay that work based on that value.

In fact, we as a society often define people by the kind of work they do.

Let’s face it, wherever you go, often the first thing people even ask after one’s name is what they do for a living.

Is that the sum total of who they are? 

Does that really define them?

There is a clear tension between what we really want to do and what we need to do in order to survive.

Everyone knows that you need money for food, shelter, and for clothes to survive.

We need to pay money in order to access a life that’s actually worth living.

And to get that money, you need work.

You don’t work, then you don’t eat.

And aside from a select number of people, this principle applies to all of us and often we find ourselves working way beyond what we can think of.

But is there really any way for life outside of work?

Can you really quit your job and not work anymore? That really depends on you.

Is There a Way Out?

I don't want to work anymore

Like most things, there is a solution.

But you may not like it.

The truth is, everyone has to work even if work itself as a concept is bogus.

You need to survive and so you need money and to get that, you need to work.

But you can be smart about it?

As early as now, you can do something with the money you earn.

You can make a financial plan.

Save your money, invest in a long-term plan, and ultimately plan out early retirement.

Make the money you earn work for you now, so that when the time comes, you can say “I don’t want to work anymore!”, leave your job, retire and go have that permanent vacation you’ve been looking for. 


Author: John Benares

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